Which Types of Eyelash Extensions Are Right for You?

Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

Price ranking: Most expensive

The look: Ultra-natural. These blend seamlessly into your real lashes, making them the least detectable of all the types of eyelash extensions.

Pros: They’re soft and extremely lightweight, so much so that you can apply multiple mink hairs to a single eyelash (a process known as volume lashes). They’re also cruelty-free. Minks aren’t harmed in any way when these get made; their coats just get brushed and the resulting hairs are then sterilized.

Cons: Aside from being the most expensive type of extensions, mink lashes need to be applied the most slowly. A technician who picks up a mink extension improperly will snap it with her tweezers. If you’re strapped for time this isn’t the best option.

Good to know: Many salons use faux mink extensions, which are heavier than real mink, but can hold a curl better. Faux mink extensions are similar to silk extensions, just a bit thicker.

Silk Eyelash Extensions

Price ranking: Medium

The look: Deep black with a slight shine. These are perceptibly fake if the person gets really, really close to you.

Pros: Their silky texture makes them especially comfortable against your face. They’re lightweight, too, though a bit heavier than real mink lashes. Because they’re so dark, many people with silk extensions skip mascara.

Cons: If you want your lashes to be undetectable, this isn’t the style for you. Splurge on mink.

Good to know: Silk eyelash extensions aren’t made from silk fibers; rather, they’re made from a synthetic material. They’re the most common of all the types of lash extensions.

Synthetic Acrylic Eyelash Extensions

Price ranking: Least expensive

The look: Thick, black lashes. These are the most obviously fake, but they still look great!

Pros: This style is the most dramatic, and holds its curl very well. It’s especially great for people who want to try extensions without spending a fortune.

Cons: Of the three styles, these lashes are made of the coarsest fiber, which can make them feel itchy on the face. They’re also the heaviest—weak natural lashes often can’t support acrylic extensions. Plus, they don’t stay on as long as silk or mink extensions.

Good to knowThis was the first style to cross over from the fashion world to the mainstream.